Matchbox 2011 Sports Cars - Audi R8

I have been eyeing on this since it came out and
have been waiting for it to land here.
Finally I am able to get it, thanks to
the recent 7-Eleven promotion.

I need help completing the variations that I am missing.
I am looking for the red one from 2008 Modern Rides 5-pack
and the blue one from 2010 Showroom Models 10-pack.
If you have them for trade or sale, we can work something out.
Email me at


shaz @ kurz said...

nice dio too!

zacktan said...

thanks man. Shell should pay me. :P

shaz @ kurz said...

but it didnt make me feel like wanna go shell now..instead it made me wanna go 7E n grab that audi also..hahaha

zacktan said...

you haven't got it? go get it now!

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