280610 HW Haul

This came in today,
2 Walmart exclusive Veyrons.
A bid I won off eBay 2 months ago, arrived today.
The seller shipped the items to the wrong person.
Having the person to reship it back to me.
A car made in my home country Malaysia, need
to travel halfway round the world to reach to me, in Malaysia.
Ah the irony.


danielh said...

congrats! glad that the walmart exclusive veyrons finally posted to you. Anyway , very nice colour!

shaz @ kurz said...

yeay veyron balik

Ricardo Suchard said...

Hi man, it's despert in me a question about this irony, a hot wheels have to travel around the world before you put your hand on it!! Don't you have a way, to buy directly in the hot wheels industry? * ( Can you respond to me in my email?) thanks!!

saruman said...

been there done that ZT!

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