Choro-Q Hybrid Lamborghini Murcielago

I found this in a major department store recently.
I just had to get my hands on it, adding this to my
little Choro-Q collection. After all it's a
Lamborghini Murcielago, my favourite supercar.
This is different from my other Choro-Q cars
as this is a Choro-Q Hybrid.
I am not clear about the difference between
an ordinary one and a hybrid one.
Anyone care to enlighten me?

I believe most major department stores now
have it. Do check it out if you see any. :)


Kushala Daora said...

Choro Q's are normal pullbacks. Choro Q HYBRID's are actually more fun. There's a pullback, Zenmai and a remote controlled version, Remocon. Selling for RM 60. But now some stores are selling it for RM 40. I have a Murcielago(green) and Insight(blue) Remocon. GTR(silver) and Murcielago(orange) now. Hybrid's bodies or chassis can be swapped. Just using screwdrivers. They give you parts for the cars too. Both Remocon and Zenmai.


zacktan said...

thanks for the heads up kushala! appreciate it :)

Skull Leader said...

I love Lamboghinis and Choro Q too! Get Hybrids, cos they are the fastest and is an improved version of the older version which is Q steer. :)
Do check out my blog to see the mods i did to some of the choro q. :)

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