Jada Nissan Fairlady Z

I found this recently in a toy shop and
was surprised that this can still be found.
There were around 6-7 of it
and I bought it without a second thought.
You can't find much Nissan Fairlady diecast
with VeilSide body kit.

My first Jada
Import Racer! - Nissan Z

Trademark rims by VeilSide.
IMO, it doesn't quite match the kit.VeilSide 350Z Version 3 body kit.
I even bought a casing specially to display it.
My initial ;)

A little information about VeilSide -
Veilside Company Limited is an aftermarket automotive company which used to sell suspension and engine tuning, and still sells interior parts, as well as body parts for aerodynamic and aesthetic enhancement of the vehicle.


saruman said...

where did u get the casing?

zacktan said...

you can get it from daiso, just rm5 each

XiuxIn Tan said...

Hi... may I know where do you get the car model?

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